Ruth Bardis

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I'm Ruth Bardis.

I was born in Australia to Greek parents. My strong ethnic heritage and love of nourishing food facilitated my switch from fashion designing to cooking, photography, and writing.  Passionate about traditional Greek cuisine, I set off to learn extensively about my heritage, travelling countless times to Greece and revisiting my origins.  I have lived in Greece, in America, and am now based in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm a wife, a collector of cook books, cast iron pots, fanatical about good extra virgin olive oil, Greek coffee and just a down to earth, come on over and eat at my house type of girl.  I'm a self taught cook (because every Greek mother ensures you are), a self taught writer (my eagerness to write cook books) and a self taught photographer (because I love to eat with my eyes).  So thanks for stopping by and checking out my world of food!